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NNADV’s 2014 Annual Report is now available

Our 2014 Annual Report is now available on our website. We hope that you will take a few minutes to read about the work we have done during the last fiscal year. Click here to access the report. For comments or feedback regarding the report, email Thank you for your continued support!

NNEDV has released the 2014 National DV Census Report

The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)  has released its annual Domestic Violence Counts. Yearly, NNEDV conducts a one-day unduplicated count of adults and children seeking domestic violence services in the United States. The annual census documents the number of individuals who sought services in a single 24-hour period as well as types of services requested. number of unmet services and issues that domestic violence programs face.

On September 10, 2014, 15 out of 15 identified local domestic violence programs in Nevada participated in the 2014 National Census of Domestic Violence Services. According to the data submitted by the domestic violence programs in Nevada: 493 victims were served in one day, 168 hotline calls were answered, 55 individuals were educated in prevention and education training, and 79 requests for services were unmet. Across Nevada, 17 staff positions were eliminated and 26 individual services at local programs were reduced or eliminated in the past year.

To view the complete report, visit

NNADV released 2014 domestic violence statistics and homicide report

NNADV just released 2014 domestic violence statewide statistics and homicide report. The 2014 statewide statistics report the number of victims of domestic violence who have reached out for assistance during the calendar year. The figures in the report represent the information reported by 15 participating programs about services provided during 2014. The report shows that more than 40,000 individuals reached out for services last year, an increase of 13 percent from the previous year.

NNADV also released the domestic violence homicides in Nevada in 2014, domestic violence related incidents claimed 18 lives in Nevada, as documented in published news stories in Nevada’s print media. Each incident received varying degree of attention from reporters, ranging from multi-story investigative reporting to simple one-paragraph crime reports. As such, the descriptions of each incident should not be considered an attempt to capture the full complexity of the events. Rather, this list is a commemoration of lives lost to domestic violence.

View the statistics and homicide list here.


NNADV 35th Anniversary Conference

NNADV is pleased to announce the return of our annual conference, just in time to celebrate our 35th anniversary. This years theme will be “Overcoming Trauma: From Harm to Healing”, and will take place September 28 – 30, 2015. We are currently accepting workshop proposals, and ask that all proposals be submitted by April 16, 2015. Please view our Annual Conference Page for more information.

Help NNADV Reach Our Goal Of $3,500 In Honor Of Our 35th Anniversary During Nevada’s Big Give!


This year, NNADV is celebrating our 35th year of working towards the elimination of domestic violence in Nevada! You can help us celebrate this milestone by making a donation towards our goal of $3,500 during Nevada’s Big Give on March 12, 2015.

The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence is the statewide coalition of shelters and programs helping communities across the state meet the complex needs of domestic violence victims. Last year alone, we offered 46 workshops and trainings; distributed more than 27,000 information brochures, handbooks, and cards; made 44 site visits to member programs across the state; and, administered more than $1,000,000 in grants to fund hotlines, shelter, and advocacy programs. With your support, we can accomplish even more this year!

Our ability to work as a coalition has changed the way Nevadans think and act about domestic violence. Our mission is honoring the strength, bravery, and tenacity of survivors of domestic violence, and making sure that real options are available.

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