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Jacksons Food Stores Join Nevada Fight Against Domestic Violence

(Reno, NV)— On Thanksgiving Day, Jacksons Food Stores and the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence will launch the “Give the Gift of Peace campaign, a holiday season campaign that runs through December 25th to raise funds for the prevention of domestic violence. This is the 11th year anniversary of the campaign throughout the Northwest. This campaign is important for community awareness and legislative efforts to ensure funding priorities for domestic violence victims. Contributions can be made in increments of $1, $5, or $10. At the end of the campaign, Jacksons Chief Executive Officer, John Jackson, will match Jacksons Food Stores customer contributions dollar for dollar up to $75,000 with all the proceeds going to the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence.

“We appreciate Jacksons customer support for the past 10 years in the cause toward preventing and ending domestic violence in our communities,” said Jackson. “Together, we have made a difference. Let’s continue the effort with the 11th annual ‘Give the Gift of Peace’ campaign.”

Since 2008, customers have contributed to the campaign by purchasing paper doves at Jacksons Food Stores. During the 2013 campaign, Nevada Jacksons Food Stores customers contributed over $12,000, resulting in over $22,000 in donations, including Jacksons dollar for dollar match contribution.

Jacksons Food Stores in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Idaho will also participate in the campaign, and proceeds will go toward coalitions against domestic violence in respective states. Since the inception of the “Give the Gift of Peace” campaign, over $600,000 has been raised to help end violence against women and girls and assist individuals who have experienced domestic violence.

“John Jackson’s willingness to bring the attention of his customers to the daily struggles of victims and survivors working toward a violence-free life is tremendously important to our efforts to raise awareness,” says NNADV Executive Director Sue Meuschke, who also thanks those who gave generously last year.

Tax-deductible contributions to the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence can be made online at

For media inquiries, contact Sue Meuschke at 775.828.1115 x 11 or or Katrina Lemmon from Jacksons Food Stores at 208.888.3585 or

 About NNADV:

The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence was founded in 1980 to work toward the elimination of domestic and sexual violence against all persons. As Nevada’s statewide coalition, NNADV is an inclusive network, which both supports our member programs, and educates the public at large. Our agency is based in Reno, but our member programs span the entire state. Domestic violence programs in the Jacksons Food Stores service area are: Advocates to End Domestic Violence, Tel. 775.883.7654 (Carson & Storey Co.); Domestic Violence Intervention, Tel. 775.423.1313 (Churchill Co.); ALIVE, Tel. 775.463.5843 (Lyon Co.); Committee to Aid Abused Women, Tel. 775.329.4150 (Washoe Co.); Tahoe Safe Alliance, Tel. 775.298.0010 (Washoe Co.); and Safe Embrace, Tel. 775.322.3466 (Washoe Co.).

 About Jacksons Food Stores:

Jacksons Food Stores, Inc., headquartered in Meridian, was founded in Idaho in 1975 as a single service station. It has grown to be a nationally recognized chain of more than 200 stores in five western states. The company is the 3rd largest privately held corporation in Idaho, and has been widely recognized for its support of community and charity projects for local businesses and organizations. For more information on the charity projects Jacksons Food Stores supports, visit



October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every year in the month of October, Domestic Violence Awareness month is observed. This month is an opportunity to connect with the community through outreach and awareness to bring light to the prevalent issue of domestic violence.

There are lots of events and activities happening statewide this month. For a list of events that you can participate in observance of DVAM, click here.

Read the DVAM Proclamation from Governor Brian Sandoval.

NNADV offers a variety of resources including brochures, handbooks and toolkit. Memorial Exhibit T-shirt display is available for lending. Contact our office at 775.828.1115 to request these resources.

Nevada Ranked Sixth in the Nation in Rate of Women Murdered by Men

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) just released their Annual report on When Men Murder Women. According to the report, Nevada ranked sixth in the nation in the rate of women killed by men during 2012.

Snapshots of Nevada, according to the Violence Policy Center study:

  • In 2012, 25 women were murdered by males in Nevada.
  • For homicides in which the weapon used could be identified, 70 percent of female victims were shot and killed with guns. Of these, 56 percent were killed with handguns.
  • For homicides in which the victim to offender relationship could be identified, 100 percent of female victims were murdered by someone they knew. No female victims were killed by strangers.

The annual VPC report, When Men Murder Women: An Analysis of 2012 Homicide Data, details national and state-by-state information on female homicides involving one female murder victim and one male offender. The annual report uses the most recent data available (2012) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation unpublished Supplementary Homicide Report and is released each year to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness month in October. This year, the report is being released during the week marking the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

To view the full report, click here.

Nevada Public Health launches Step Up Stop Violence website

The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health’s Rape Prevention and Education Program in partnership with the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence has launched the Step Up! Stop Violence website ( based on the Green Dot Model of Intervention to mobilize communities and create statewide campaign awareness against sexual and domestic violence. Bystander strategies are incorporated along with widespread awareness campaigns to engage teens and young adults to not only identify potentially high risk violent situations but also to safely intervene to prevent violence from occurring. To learn more, visit:

NNADV Releases Domestic Violence Guide for Media Professionals

(Reno, NV) – The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence (NNADV) is pleased to announce the publication, Covering Domestic Violence: A Guide for Media Professionals. This invaluable resource was created for experienced and novice media professionals who are covering crimes involving domestic and sexual violence, stalking and teen relationship abuse including bullying.

What is included in this Guide?

– References for the latest statistics from a statewide and national perspective;
– Information to expand the understanding of the issues surrounding domestic violence, including   the warning signs, how to help a victim, safety planning and how to promote healthy relationships;- References for Nevada Revised Statutes;
– How to navigate the legal system including legal remedies for survivors of domestic violence;
– Tips on accurately covering domestic violence crimes and recommendations on what to avoid when covering these crimes;
– Tips on interviewing survivors while maintaining their privacy and safety;
– Cautions when covering domestic violence-related homicides; and a
– Resource section listing “live” links to statewide and national resources.

Click here to view the guide


About NNADV:

The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence was founded in 1980 to work toward the elimination of domestic and sexual violence against all persons. As Nevada’s statewide coalition, NNADV is an inclusive network which both supports our member programs, and educates the public at large. Our agency is based in Reno, but our member programs span the entire state.

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