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Types of Membership

Program Membership

This membership is for programs whose primary services are for victims of domestic violence (click here for a list of our current Program Members). One of NNADV’s main purpose is to support direct-service programs across the state. Our program members have access to all of NNADV’s resources, including, grant funding and project support, telephone interpreting services, our program member intranet, technical assistance and training, educational materials, and resources library, as well as all other member benefits.

We work with our program members to ensure our annual dues do not prevent them from benefiting from NNADV’s support and services. Typically, dues for our program members are either 4% of their state domestic violence fund grant or 2% of their domestic violence budget.

Organizational Membership

Organizational members are non-voting organizations that provide domestic violence assistance, though not necessarily direct assistance, in their communities. This type of membership is meant for organizations whose primary services may not be only for victims of domestic violence. These organizations may work with victims or their families (for example, law enforcement organizations) or may simply support the goals and philosophy of NNADV.

Our organization members have limited access to technical assistance and training support from NNADV staff. They also have access to regional trainings, our quarterly newsletters, and all of our educational materials and resource library. We encourage representatives from Organizational Members to participate on the NNADV Board or Board Committees. Dues for organization members are $200 annually.

Individual Membership

We offer individual membership for those in communities throughout Nevada who support the goals and philosophy of NNADV. These members have access to our educational resources, resource library, newsletter and regional trainings. They may also participate on the NNADV Board or Board Committees. Dues for individual members are $35 annually, or $10 annually for seniors or students.

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