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The NNADV staff and Board of Directors want to hear from the communities and families we serve. By becoming a member of NNADV, you can help guide and support our policies, projects, and priorities. Members are invited to serve on our Board, committees and task forces. Members stay informed, through receipt of our quarterly newsletter and access to our library and resource center. You’ll also receive first notice of upcoming events, education and training opportunities, and receive reduced rates for registration at trainings.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, simply fill out the form below. You may also print the form and mail it to us with your dues. (The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence is a 501(c)(3) organization. Membership contributions are not tax-deductible; general donations may be tax-deductible under federal law.)

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We’ve created an easy way to exit our site if you’re in an abusive situation. Simply locate and click on the red “Escape Site” button at any time to be redirected immediately to the Bing search homepage.

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