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Board Members

NNADV is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of four regional representatives selected by the member programs in their region; five to seven members who are not actively affiliated with a member program to serve as community at-large members; and two to four program-at-large members who are actively affiliated with a member program but not serving as regional representatives.

Current Board of Directors

Karen S. Carey, President
Tahoe Safe Alliance, Incline Village
Program At-Large Member (2nd Term, 12/2018)

Teri Weathers, Vice President
SafeNest, Las Vegas
Southern Regional Representative (12/2018)

Jennifer Kandt, Secretary
Community At-Large (1st Term, 12/2017)

Denise Yoxsimer, Treasurer
Committee to Aid Abused Women (CAAW), Reno
Program At-Large Member (2nd Term, 12/2018)

Anne Dye
Community At-Large Member (1st Term, 12/2017)

John Etchemendy
Safe Embrace
Northern Regional Representative (1st Term, 12/2015)

Cristina Hernandez
UNLV Jean Nidetch Women’s Center, Las Vegas
Community At-Large (1st Term, 12/2018)

Karen Moessner
Domestic Violence Intervention, Inc., Fallon
Program At-Large Member (1st Term, 12/2016)

Julie Mogensen
Volunteer Attorney’s for Rural Nevada
Community At-Large Member (1st Term, 12/2017)

Annette Scott
SAFE House, Henderson
Program At-Large (1st Term, 12/2018)

Susan Noyce
Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas
Community At-Large Member (1st Term,12/2016)

Vicki Straw
ALIVE, Yerington
Central Region Representative (2nd Term, 12/2015)

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