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Whether you work with domestic violence victims, have encountered domestic violence yourself, or just want to help those struggling with domestic violence and its effects, there are many ways to take action to end domestic violence in Nevada.

Learn About Domestic Violence

Education is the first step toward eradicating our society’s myths and misconceptions about domestic violence. There are plenty of ways to educate yourself and others about domestic violence, and the internet has made it possible for advocates everywhere to share their resources so we can start educating more people. Click here to explore a few national and statewide resources.


If you have a friend, relative, or co-worker who has experienced domestic violence, listen to them. Let them know that the abuse is not their fault, you support them, and they have options to keep themselves safe.

Speak Up

If you hear others blaming victims, providing incorrect information, or perpetuating domestic violence myths, don’t be afraid to speak up. We can only eradicate the common misconceptions about domestic violence and its victims if we speak up.

Talk to Your Legislators

Let elected officials know how important this issue is for our communities and find out what they are doing to address the issue.

Get Involved

Attend local events, support your community’s domestic violence advocacy organizations, become a volunteer, send letters or emails to your local media; support efforts to end domestic violence in whatever ways you see possible.

For your safety

We’ve created an easy way to exit our site if you’re in an abusive situation. Simply locate and click on the red “Escape Site” button at any time to be redirected immediately to the Bing search homepage.

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