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Cell Phone Drive

NNADV collects old and used cell phones to further our mission of ending domestic violence.

Set up a drive

It’s easy! We can provide you with promotional materials. All you have to do is spread the word and put a collection box in a spot that is easily accessible to your co-workers, neighbors, or classmates.

Decide where to donate the phones

NNADV works with GRC Wireless and Verizon Wireless HopeLine. NNADV receives  monetary compensation for the phones sent on our behalf to GRC Wireless. Phones dropped off at a Verizon Wireless store are refurbished and then distributed to domestic violence programs to give to survivors in need. Phones that can’t be refurbished are sold for parts, and the money is put into their foundations to support domestic violence services and programs like us.

In all cases, the collected phones are part of a national effort to make sure that local domestic and sexual violence programs here and around the country always have access to phones for victims in need.  Whichever option you choose, thank you for your participation in supporting victims of domestic violence.

Important notes

  • NNADV does not distribute emergency 9-1-1 cell phones. If you or someone you know is in danger and needs a 911 programmed cell phones, please contact your local domestic violence program.
  • Please deactivate your phone and erase all personal information. For instructions for the type/model of your phone, visit:
  • The most effective and efficient way to donate phones is either to send directly to Shelter Alliance or drop off at any Verizon Wireless location.

For more information on how you can donate your old/used cellphones, please contact our office at 775.828.1115. Thank you for your continued support!

For your safety

We’ve created an easy way to exit our site if you’re in an abusive situation. Simply locate and click on the red “Escape Site” button at any time to be redirected immediately to the Bing search homepage.

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