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As Nevada’s leading source on domestic violence information and industry best practices, NNADV educates Nevada’s communities and leaders on domestic violence. We coordinate networking meetings between domestic violence organizations, assist in community and professional education, and are active in educating legislators on issues concerning victims of domestic violence and their families and the organizations that provide services.

We promote public education campaigns to increase people’s awareness and knowledge of domestic violence and how it impacts their communities, friends, and family. Our public education campaigns have covered everything from safety planning to statutory rape laws. Learn more about our education campaigns and public outreach.

We provide the following services to organizations, individuals, and communities statewide:

  • Training & Technical Assistance
  • Education and Outreach
  • Grant Administration
  • Public Policy

Training & Technical Assistance

NNADV provides training and technical assistance services in the areas of program operation, services, shelter operation, program facilities, training of service providers, volunteer management, and program development and management. We use a variety of strategies to identify areas where we might offer specialized technical assistance to our member programs, enhancing service delivery throughout Nevada. We make regular site visits to provide training, technical assistance and other support services to our program and organization members. If you’re interested in learning more about our various training programs, or would like NNADV to speak to your organization, contact our Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator.

Education and Outreach

NNADV coordinates and provides a variety of training opportunities. We host regional trainings across Nevada that provide information on topics such as advocacy, legal issues, children and domestic violence, batterer’s intervention, working with underserved communities, substance abuse, mental health, and working in rural communities . . . just to name a few. Our staff members provide a variety of trainings for both domestic violence programs and allied professionals. Get in touch with our Training Coordinator.

Grant Administration

The Network generates and disburses state and federal grant funds to direct service domestic violence programs. Member programs can elect to participate in joint funding proposals submitted by the Network. Over the last 30 years NNADV has disbursed more than 20 million dollars to direct service providers.

Public Policy

Public policy advocacy has been an integral part of the Network’s work since its creation. NNADV led the way in securing a surcharge on each marriage license sold in the state to fund domestic violence services across Nevada. NNADV is also active in seeing that civil and criminal legislation passed in Nevada remains in the best interest of domestic violence victims and their families. We have offered and supported legislation for the last 30 years. We also partner with the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) on federal efforts to address domestic violence. Contact our Public Policy Specialist.


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