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Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence provides statewide advocacy, education and support of the front-line organizations that help those impacted by domestic violence. We do not provide crisis services, if you are in need of counseling, advocacy, or referrals, click here.

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We rely on our members to help guide and support our policies, projects, and initiatives. In return we work very closely with our members to support their various efforts. We offer membership options for programs, organizations, and individuals. We support our members with training, education, resources, research, and funding.

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NNADV provides statewide trainings and workshops for program advocates and volunteers, as well as allied professionals, on a variety of issues related to domestic violence. We also host statewide regional trainings and educational opportunities directed toward a broad audience of advocates and professionals across the state.

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We’ve created an easy way to exit our site if you’re in an abusive situation. Simply locate and click on the red “Escape Site” button at any time to be redirected immediately to the Bing search homepage.

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